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Illustrating the Promise of Community Schools

Dear Colleagues,

Today, I am writing to share outstanding news and thank you for your hard work.

As principals and community partners in our Community Schools, you have been at the forefront of one of this administration’s hallmark educational initiatives. Your work has made a huge difference for the students and families in your school community, and the scale of that impact is now gaining national attention.

Today, the RAND Corporation released a new study titled “Illustrating the Promise of Community Schools: An Assessment of the Impact of the NYC Community Schools Initiative,” which looks at the first three years of the Community Schools initiative and compares the performance of students in community schools with the performance of students in demographically-similar non-community schools. You can find the report here

I am thrilled to share the highlights: 

Students in community schools are more likely to graduate on time. In 2017-18, graduation rates in community schools were 7.2 percentage points higher than comparison schools.

They miss fewer days of school. Chronic absenteeism was 7.3 percentage points lower in community elementary and middle schools, and 8.3 points lower in high schools.

And students in community schools feel safer and more supported. For every 100 students in elementary and middle community schools, community schools had 10 fewer disciplinary incidents per year.

To help share the good news, schools will receive family-friendly materials later this week.

Your work has helped New York City launch the largest community school initiative in the nation and together we are showing the Country what it means to support the whole child and what it means to partner with communities. 


In unity,


Message to Students

To all Students:

Make sure to check your Fordham leadership emails regularly for updates from all of your instructors. Teachers will be providing you with google classroom codes to join for remote learning. If you are having difficulties signing in please see the emails below to receive technical support.

Ms. Carreras: mcarreras@supportiveschools.org

Ms. Reddy: sreddy@supportiveschools.org

Ms. Crooks: mcrooks@schools.nyc.gov

It is imperative students follow their regular class schedule during online remote learning

The Conventional Use of Time and Space of a Traditional Highschool

To Challenge and Dismantle the Narrative of the Bronx

Principal's Message

Welcome to the Fordham Leadership Academy website.  It is one of my greatest honors to be the Principal of this amazing Community School.  My story is similar to countless of others, of humble but proud beginnings and living testament of what public education can accomplish.  This is what FLA is all about!  

FLA was established in 2015 and since it has become a thriving, vibrant and caring community where children are nurtured, their voices carry strength, and are built into leaders.   As a school leader, I am a firm believer that through quality education lives can be transformed and communities can gain a voice.   This is FLA's commitment- to provide the tools needed to empower students to succeed.  

Lastly, I leave you with a quote from one of the most transformative leaders of our time:

 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela


 Fiorella Cabrejos


Fordham Leadership Academy-Bronx, NY


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